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We would like to thank everyone for submitting abstracts.

Given the virtual nature of this year’s symposium, there will be no formal poster session. In place of this, we have constructed an abstract book of all the submitted abstracts. In the book is the email to the corresponding author. Please feel free to reach out to any author and ask questions about their work. While we know this is not a replacement for an in person poster session, we hope this will still garner important scientific interactions. The Abstract Book can be viewed here.

Oral presentations

Congratulations to the Investigators-in-Training selected for a platform presentation.

Thursday, October 13th
Special event:
Investigator-in-Training talks
Session Chairs: Jay Rappaport, Ruth Brack-Werner, Walter Royal

1:35 pm

Shuhui Liu (Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai)
Functional cure of HIV brain disease in chronically ECOHIV-infected mice by therapeutic vaccination with gag-pol mosaic vaccine

1:50 pm

Michael Rudy (University of Colorado School of Medicine)
Monoclonal antibody improves paralysis outcome in a delayed-treatment mouse-model of Enterovirus D68-induced paralysis

2:05 pm

Rachel Berman (Drexel University College of Medicine)
A targeted sgRNA library-based approach for selection of CRISPR/Cas9-gRNA pairs used in an HIV-1 cure strategy

2:20 pm

Zhan Zhang (Atlanta VA Medical Center, Emory School of Medicine)
Honokiol reverses HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in a SCID mouse model

2:35 pm

Natalie Castell (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Deficient B cell responses correspond with encephalitis in SIV-infected macaques

2:50 pm

Yisel Cantres-Rosario (University of Puerto Rico)
Disrupted Interferon type I signaling in peripheral monocytes from cognitive impaired patients and human brain organoids

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