Mission Statement

The International Society for NeuroVirology is a non-profit corporation established in 1998 as an international forum for researchers and clinician scientists involved in the study of neurovirology. The purpose of the Society is to advance collaboration among scientists in all aspects of neurovirology and related disciplines in order to further knowledge in the area, and promote the clinical application of this knowledge to prevent and treat neuroinflammation and pathophysiology of viral encephalitides. The Society will achieve these goals primarily through the organization and sponsorship of international meetings and through its official bi-monthly publication, the Journal of NeuroVirology.

Aims of the Society

The aims of the International Society for NeuroVirology are to further the science of neurovirology as follows:

  • Organization of the International Symposium on NeuroVirology
  • Co-sponsorship of small research conferences in neurovirology and related areas
  • Publication of the bi-monthly Journal of NeuroVirology, the official journal of the Society
  • Publication of reviews concerning research relevant to the field of neurovirology
  • Publication of a newsletter for the distribution of material related to the field
  • Sponsorship of an award to recognize pioneering research in the field of neurovirology
  • Promotion of education in neurovirology by sponsorship of graduate/post-graduate participation in Society-organized meetings
  • To foster collaboration between international scientists engaged in the study of all aspects of neurovirology
  • Global dissemination of Society information through the maintenance of a society website (www.isnv.org)
  • Sponsorship of student/postdoc trainees for travel grants to the society’s international meetings