JNV – February 2016

Volume 22, Issue 1

Journal of NeuroVirology
Volume 22, Issue 1, February 2016

In this issue:

Obituary: Richard T. Johnson, M.D.
Avindra Nath

Guest Editorial
Mind-altering microbes
Alan C. Jackson

Diabolical effects of rabies encephalitis
Alan C. Jackson

The brain’s Geppetto—microbes as puppeteers of neural function and behaviour?
Roman M. Stilling, Timothy G. Dinan, John F. Cryan

Peripheral aetiopathogenic drivers and mediators of Parkinson’s disease and co-morbidities: role of gastrointestinal microbiota
Sylvia M. Dobbs, R. John Dobbs, Clive Weller, André Charlett, Aisha Augustin, David Taylor, Mohammad A. A. Ibrahim, Ingvar Bjarnason

Clinical Review
HSV encephalitis-induced anti-NMDAR encephalitis in a 67-year-old woman: report of a case and review of the literature
Nicholas A. Morris, Tamara B. Kaplan, Jenny Linnoila, Tracey Cho

Original Paper
Increased neurovirulence and reactivation of the herpes simplex virus type 1 latency-associated transcript (LAT)-negative mutant dLAT2903 with a disrupted LAT miR-H2
Xianzhi Jiang, Don Brown, Nelson Osorio, Chinhui Hsiang, Lbachir BenMohamed, Steven L. Wechsler

Original Paper
Stroke in HIV-infected African Americans: a retrospective cohort study
Kiran T. Thakur, Jennifer L. Lyons, Bryan R. Smith, Russell T. Shinohara, Farrah J. Mateen

Original Paper
The role of depression chronicity and recurrence on neurocognitive dysfunctions in HIV-infected adults
Lucette A. Cysique, Nadene Dermody, Andrew Carr, Bruce J. Brew, Maree Teesson

Original Paper
The immune response in the CNS in Theiler’s virus induced demyelinating disease switches from an early adaptive response to a chronic innate-like response
Francesca Gilli, Libin Li, Andrew R. Pachner

Original Paper
Intrinsic network connectivity abnormalities in HIV-infected individuals over age 60
Anika Guha, Liang Wang, Aaron Tanenbaum, Pardis Esmaeili-Firidouni, Lauren A. Wendelken, Edgar Busovaca, Katherine Clifford, Akash Desai, Beau M. Ances, Victor Valcour

Original Paper
Blood brain barrier impairment is associated with cerebrospinal fluid markers of neuronal damage in HIV-positive patients
A. Calcagno, C. Atzori, A. Romito, D. Vai, S. Audagnotto, M. L. Stella, C. Montrucchio, D. Imperiale, G. Di Perri, S. Bonora

Original Paper
Human immunodeficiency virus has similar effects on brain volumetrics and cognition in males and females
Ashley M. Behrman-Lay, Robert H. Paul, Jodi Heaps-Woodruff, Laurie M. Baker, Christina Usher, Beau M. Ances

Original Paper
Peripheral neuropathy in HIV patients in sub-Saharan Africa failing first-line therapy and the response to second-line ART in the EARNEST trial
Alejandro Arenas-Pinto, Jennifer Thompson, Godfrey Musoro, Hellen Musana, Abbas Lugemwa, Andrew Kambugu, Aggrey Mweemba, Dickens Atwongyeire, Margaret J. Thomason, A. Sarah Walker, Nicholas I. Paton, For the EARNEST Trial Team

Original Paper
Nicotine mediates expression of genes related to antioxidant capacity and oxidative stress response in HIV-1 transgenic rat brain
Guohua Song, Tanseli Nesil, Junran Cao, Zhongli Yang, Sulie L. Chang, Ming D. Li

Case Report
Myeloradiculopathy associated with chikungunya virus infection
Anna M. Bank, Ayush Batra, Rene A. Colorado, Jennifer L. Lyons