Foundation for NeuroVirology Established

Announcing the establishment of the Foundation for NeuroVirology

We are excited to announce the formation of the Foundation for NeuroVirology, a charitable (non-profit) tax exempt organization founded in early 2015.


The purpose of the Foundation for NeuroVirology is to expand the boundaries of knowledge of neurovirology through a worldwide exchange of ideas and research. The Foundation supports research in neurovirology by:

  • planning, organizing, and conducting conferences around the world to share knowledge and promote clinical application of scientific advances in neurovirology.
  • conducting charitable, educational, and scientific activities to advance knowledge in the field of neurovirology.
  • sharing knowledge and ideas relevant to the field by creating, supporting, editing, and publishing journals, newsletters, and online content.
  • raising funds to support educational and travel expenses of those presenting research and those attending conferences and symposia in neurovirology and related fields, including neurology, neuropathology, neuropathogenesis, neuroimmunology, neurobiology, and molecular virology.

The Foundation is dedicated to promoting education and the global exchange of research in neurovirology by sponsoring participation in scholarly activities and supporting educational platforms that disseminate scientific knowledge in the field. Graduate students, post-graduate scholars, and junior faculty who demonstrate excellence in the field of neurovirology will be the recipients of Foundation awards supporting travel to and participation in activities sponsored by various scientific organizations, including the International Society for NeuroVirology (ISNV).

The activities of the Foundation are supported by charitable contributions. To make your 2016 tax-deductible donation and read more about the Foundation, please visit the Foundation for NeuroVirology website at